Hi! Staying Places, a travel-related theme album by That's the Spirit, will be released on Antique Room on September 23, 2008.

The entire album, in all its beautiful Digipak matte-finish glory, will be distributed to indie stores via Antique Room; it will also be available digitally (ITunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, etc.) on that date. Prior to the release date, the full album will be stream-able here on the Antique Room website. You'll also be able to check back for tour dates happening later this fall. (Interested in co-promoting a gig, or having TTS on a bill you're setting up? Email us!!)

And don't hesitate to contact us for more info or with any requests. In the meantime, here are some mp3s, pics and info on Staying Places.


Staying Places cover art

download (886kB, rt.click + save as)


Photo by Tom Thompson

download (4.2MB, rt. click + save as)


Photo courtesy discoisforcommies

download (224kB, rt. click + save as)


Photo by Tom Thompson

download (1.8MB, rt. click + save as)



MP3s FROM staying places (192Kbs)



ORIENTEERING (mp3 * lyrics)

EVERY CITY (mp3 * lyrics)



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Contact Info: Antique Room / 1135 Normandy Crescent, Ottawa ON K2E 5A5 / 613-608-0290 / info[at]antiqueroom[dot]ca

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